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Realmgate Strategy

Within Realm War one of the main objectives of play is to claim the realm gate, unleashing a powerful and fearsome Bloodthirster! Unlocking this powerful card can be achieved by sending three heroes across the Realmgate lane (ensure your units pass the threshold to empower the Realmgate).

This unit enables you to destroy your enemy’s spire in a matter of seconds, provided that this unit is not controlled or frozen. A popular strategy amongst Warlords of Realm War is the ‘Rush Strategy’ with many players building their warbands around cards that use their hero ability to fly or leap towards the gate for quicker activation.

How do you counter this strategy?

The counter to this strategy requires one of two warbands – The first Warband is a control deck using cards such as the Frostheart Phoenix (freeze ability) and Bat Swarm (knockback) which can prevent enemy heroes reaching the gate. Combining both a pushback and freeze will give you enough time to send additional heroes down the lane to contest the gate. The second is simply a mirror, using similar heroes to beat your opponent and contest the gate.

In addition to the above counters, it’s always good to prepare for when a player may control the gate and unleash the demon. Use your freeze and knockbacks to control the damage of this mighty unit.

Realm War is a highly tactical game although those theories above may work, there is plenty of opportunities to develop your own meta.

Update Notes: 2.1.0