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Patch Notes: 1.9.0

Greetings Warlords,

We have a few changes for you in the latest version of Realm War.

  • Skeleton Champion 
    • Reduced the size of the Skeleton Champion’s placement box to better fit the unit.
  • Cave Squigs
    • No longer immune to knockback.
    • Cannot be spawned directly under Warlords, which caused issues whereby they would not emerge. 
  •  Orruk Brutes
    • Will now correctly deal damage to allies when under the effect of confusion.

We’re also excited to announce a brand new Motion Capture AR mode for AR compatible iOS devices!

  • Experiment with AR in the brand new motion capture AR mode! Dance alongside your Skeleton Champion or wave your hands with your Chaos Gargant. 
  • Supported Units: the Chaos Gargant, Undead Army, Skeleton Champion, Grot Warboss and Treelord.
  • Our mo-cap AR mode is available on iOS 13 for iPhone XS/XS Max, iPhone XR, iPad (6th Gen), iPad Air (3rd gen) and iPad Mini (5th Gen).

Update Notes: 2.1.0